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You are kindly invited:

To come with us for a search of the Star of Helsinki,
"Helsingin Tähti?"

As part of the "Unknown City Project"

Friday, 24 November 2006
at 16:00
Meeting point:
Kasernikatu 36
in front of the entrance of kuva Academy

We will have a walk through the Southern City Center and visit, or pass at many projects. The walk will take around 2 hours and many projects are outdoors, so please check out the weather and temperature, and dress accordingly. - So please come and enjoy, and specifically find out more about the ongoing search for the Star of Helsinki.

You will find more info on the quest for the Helsingin Tähti on my new blog:
and please feel welcome to comment on the blog, or via email:

The Unknown City Project will be brought to you by Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, the Time and Space Department, Helsinki.
On your search for "Helsingin Tähti?" on 24 November, you will be kindly assisted by Panagiotis Balomenos, Rikkaliina Turki, Marcia Vaitsman, Axel Straschnoy and Klaus W. Eisenlohr. Also thank you to HIAP, Helsinki, for the current residency and grant.
And to Senaatti Kiinteistöt for kindly allowing me to have some display on Punanotkok Katu.

Last not least, if you are so lucky to find the Star of Helsinki, or if you get to know where it is, please immediately call: 050-9305965 or, send an email to:

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