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slow space

project and film

film project

"Slow Space", on one hand is name for an utopian idea: a slow down that is essential for the creation of space — on the other name for a deep problem: American (inner) cities have been left behind of economic and cultural development, they partly have become a third world in the "heartland".

"Slow Space" is the title of my Chicago film, which is waiting for its soon coming premiere. – 1999-2004

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traute räume - familiar spaces

series of panorama photography

Traute Raeume

This series of panorama photographies of open urban spaces has been called "Traute Räume / Familiar Spaces" as they show views of every-day environment. The series was photographed in the last 6 month of Klaus W. Eisenlohr's stay in Chicago; 2002-2003

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slow space - the interviews



"Slow Space – The Interviews" is an independent work, and part of the Slow Space project. It is composed of two parts of the shot material: the interviews and the performance scenes.

The video was premiered in Chicago 2002 and has been shown widely in Germany and the United States. – 2001

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site visit

performance project

H. Lindahl

"SiteVisit" is a performance series, which is part of the Slow Space project, and which happened over the period of 4 months at different places in the urban area of Chicago. The guiding idea was to ask performers to create, to claim or to convert open urban space in ways that it would be temporarily activated as public space. Thus, also, to slow down space.

The performaces were widely announced but were mainly addressed at passer-bys and passing traffic. The sending of invitations thus became a work by itself for all the people who were not able to come or did not come. – 2002

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space and place


exhibition at Gallery 1926

"Space and Place" is the name of a presentation in a joint exhibition with artists who also appear in my film.

The exhibition at Gallery 1926 in Chicago combined different collaborative pieces of work. During the opening a number of performaces took place, which interacted with and transformed the shown art. – 2000

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