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urban research
program 3:
the latin city

Sunday, 14 February 18:00

The European image of Latin America, especially of Mexico is distorted; the mainstream media only repeats those images situated between the extremes of violence and poverty, and of exoticism on ethnic culture. Little does their audience get to know about the traditions of Latin modernism and maybe even less of the contemporary art scene. This program has an emphasis on works from and about Mexico City, but also features a work by the Cuban artist Adrian Melis, and a Spanish film about Bogota.

All films take a critical and at the same time fresh and humorous view on urban themes. The glimpses on daily life through the artist's camera may tell more about realities in urban life than television reports or news images.


Juan delGado UK/ES
The Flickering Darkness 13min 32sec 2009

Arriving in Bogotá as an alien, delGado approaches the filming activity as equal to the outsider exercise of writing a book or creating a piece of work. Thus, all the velocities and fragments of the city are allowed to permeate, rendering a true account of what the stranger experiments.
Stefan Demming DE
The edge of the city 30min 00sec 2007

In search of the unpredictable limits of the metropolis of Mexico City, the artist chooses to fantasize about the mysterious limits that appear to be never ending. This way all the research turns into a novel, revealing the conditions of survival based on the improvised reality that surrounds them.

Verena Grimm
Machtstrukturen 02min 32sec 2007

A road trip showing the massive concrete structures in Mexiko City that were built by the affluent members of society in order to expand their terraces and private gardens.

Markus Soukup UK
TO OR AT A DISTANCE 10min 01sec 2009

Fast travel could be seen as a way of teleportation creating a kind of displacement of the traveling subject. The image taken from one place and carried to another place could be understood as a teleportation too. From a trip to Mexico.

Adrian Melis CU
The making of fourty rectangular piece for a floor constuction 05min 30sec 2009

Due to a shortage of materials to produce, the workers of a state-run enterprise spend their workday just sitting, waiting for their working time to come to an end. Taking advantage of this idle time, each one of the workers and all together imitated for the whole workday the usual noises heard during the functioning of the factory.

Jose Matiella+Ivan Meza MX
Sintia 04min 28sec

Jose Matiella and Ivan Meza make investigations gathering testimonies of people, and recovering tapes from the streets which offer histories to the urban archaeology, sometimes finding that human existing is not so different to a cassette´s tape.

Fernando Llanos MX
Citta 03min 32sec 2004

Images of the city and from pornographic movies interfere with the reality of a relationship.

Beatriz + Carlos Matiella MX
Vecinos 02min 43sec

Each of the neighbours have their own occupation; together, those images create a public portrait of the quarter.

Beatriz + Carlos Matiella MX
Buda 03min 06sec

According to the artists, everything is nature. Trying to make a statement about “everything", they also give an image of life in the city.

Hector Falcon MX
Simulacro 0min 41sec 2005

The simulation of an unhappy but common experience in cities.
Verena Grimm
La + Rocha 13min 45sec 2007

A documentary about the Red Cross in Mexico City. The daily ambiguities between the middle class perspectives of Red Cross operation volunteers, which are part of the clean world of modern medicine, on one hand; and poverty and violence eruptions in the street on the other, become visible here and show a fragmented urban geography.

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