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tomorrow, night and day

Saturday, 13 February 20:00

In the Aboriginal tradition "Dreamtime" is the ancient time of the myths. However, in Western concepts, the waking dreams in cities rather manifest a possible future, something that has the potential to become manifest from its yet virtual possibilities. According to Walter Benjamin, the day-dreaming of popular myths discloses potentials of future changes; and following those principles, the Situationists propagated dérive, the aimless strolling in the city as a cure against the false desires of the society of spectacle.

The artists in this Urban Research program use vernacular, mundane urban settings and landscapes for their dreaming and imaginative shifts from the ordinary and expected. They may be read as much more than just a happy visual game.


Wolf D. Schreiber DE
The Great Art Swindle 3min 30sec 2009

One of the basic situationist practices is the dérive [literally: "drifting"], a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. Dérives involve playful-constructive behavior and awareness of psychogeographical effects.

Steven Ball UK
Aboriginal Myths of South London 10min 30sec 2010

Aboriginal Myths of South London adapts world views associated with indigenous people of Oceania to an interpretation of the space and social history of a place in South London. This application of attitudes to the status of the dead and human relationship to the ground, becomes a materialist alternative to the concept of the genius loci and the familiar.

Pilvi Takala FI
Easy Rider 4min 25sec 2006

A young man in a tram is asking a bit too much from a stranger.

Claire Hope UK
Boy Nature 1min 30sec 2009

Images of the base structures of corporate architectural developments are arranged to the rhythm of a romantic song; seeming both contrasted and underscored by their playful arrangement to the mystical and seductive fable.

Joe Merrell UU
Tomorrow Never Comes 4min 15sec 2009

The piece consists of video footage shot on a street corner in Los Angeles - restructured into a continuously scrolling frozen moment. The title is taken from the Buddhist notion of an eternal present.

Elena Näsänen FI
Drive 9min 15sec 2003

Drive is a road movie set in a snowy countryside starring a woman in her thirties. The sound track introduces the elements of a thriller. The hypnotic journey and the thrill of speed combine at the borderline of the real and the imagined.

Sophie Warren & Jonathan Mosley UK
Fallout 9min 27sec 2010

"fallout" brings the landscape of production and the language of logic, economy and exchange around a point of contingency. Product information, branding and coding are assimilated into a faltering narrative. The fluency of language and economy is eroded away. Consonants, syllables and half words are extracted and dislodged. The horizon line and the narrative are insistent, defining a moment of critical damage between the landscapes of matter and mind.

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen FI
Jalkeilla Taas (Up And About Again) 10min 49sec 2009

Up And About Again is moved by motion, laid back in the outback. Dreamlike images depict a Datsun100A driving, covered in a thick layer of snow and ice, through a summer landscape. Something has turned the day upside down. Pain is hidden.

Gerard Freixes Ribera ES
Alone ­ AislaDO 3min 20sec 2007

Loneliness may be found in a desert island or in the middle of a big urban crowd.

Henry Gwiazda US
Claudia and Paul 5:05 p.m. 6min 38sec 2008
Because of the complexity and frequency of motion in my work, and to clarify the order of events, I have included number that appear on the screen where an event will occur... Each small, choreographed scene can be appreciated for itself, but on subsequent viewings, takes on a separate meaning.

Yaron Lapid UK
Night Meter 4min 23sec 2000

Jerusalem at night, just before the Millennium. The city is saturated with emotions, and at night it all comes out, blunt and sincere.

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne DE
Encoded 5min 30sec 2008

The work describes the principle of "code" or "coding" in form of an allegory, a metaphoric story as a ritual of meeting, dominating and resigning. The code asks for obedience, and gives no chance to escape. Video inspired by a visit of Thessaloniki.

Anders Weberg SW
Elsewhereness: Yokohama 7min 00sec 2008

This audio-visual work is intended to evoke imaginary geographies. The film is made solely from Yokohama-related audio and video found on the web. Elsewhereness is a series and it is about the artists NOT being there.

Pilvi Takala FI
Amusement Park 1min 00sec 2001

Innocence holds hands with deviance as the two girls invent a game in the amusement park.

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